Kaplan International English teaches language courses in English speaking countries across the world. Follow this link for a list of our English courses abroad.


If you are interested in undergraduate and postgraduate preparation courses for UK universities, please visit our University Pathways website. For other divisions of Kaplan, please click here or visit kaplan.com.

Teaching Method

Kaplan International students learn through the communicative method of teaching. This means that classroom time is spent on using real-world, practical skills to improve their knowledge of English. Students focus on the four key building blocks of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Classroom activities reflect real situations, and are structured so students communicate as much as possible. If you want to get a better idea, then this is how we do it.

Some examples of classroom activities are:

Writing an e-mail to a friend

Role-playing a dinner conversation

Listening to a train station announcement

Reading newspaper articles

By learning how to communicate in these everyday situations while still in the classroom, students are more prepared for conversations with friends, traveling around an English-speaking country and conversations with new friends and colleagues.

Who are we?

Kaplan International is a leading provider of English language courses and other study abroad programs. We take great pride in ensuring that our students have the opportunities and tools to succeed, and our educators offer consistently high standards of teaching. 

We have 45+ English language schools in England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malta, and our classrooms are filled with students from all over the world. Part of the Kaplan experience is making new international friends.

Our destinations have been chosen to maximize the fun and education students get outside of the classroom, too. We have schools in beach towns, big cities and near historical and cultural centers. A course with Kaplan isn’t just about lessons in a classroom, it’s a life experience.

Kaplan International English is a division of Kaplan, Inc.

Our Worldwide Accreditations

At Kaplan International English, we are committed to offering high quality education and student welfare at all of our schools. Kaplan International English is accredited by the British Council in the UK, ACCET in the USA, NEAS in Australia, NZQA in New Zealand, ACELS in Ireland and Languages Canada in Canada. Our programs and services are monitored regularly to ensure that your study experience is both successful and enjoyable.

Kaplan schools are accredited by: 

Kaplan is a member of:


Kaplan International English offers the highest-quality English language education in more than 40 cities in 7 English-speaking countries and online, including courses on business English, academic semesters and years, exam preparation and work and study.

We also have educational partnerships with top UK universities that deliver academic programs to prepare students for entry to higher education degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The current form of Kaplan International came to be in 2010, when Kaplan, Inc. combined its international English language division, Kaplan International English, and university preparation programs, Kaplan International Colleges, into one business unit under the Kaplan International Colleges name. In 2013, Kaplan International Colleges became Kaplan International English. 

Kaplan International English

In 2006, as a result of a merger between the English language training division of Kaplan and Aspect Education, Kaplan  Aspect emerged.

Aspect, head-quartered in London, UK, was established in 1967 as a provider of educational programs and services to students and professionals.

The merger combined Kaplan Inc.'s 17 English language schools with Aspect’s 19 international schools. Kaplan  Aspect continued to expand its network with the acquisition of International House Queensland in Australia (2007), the Pacific Language Institute in Canada and ProLinguis in Switzerland (2008), and the WELS Group in the UK (2009).


Kaplan Inc., the parent company of Kaplan International Colleges, was founded in 1938 by Stanley H. Kaplan. He began by tutoring students for the New York State Regents Exam, a mandatory exam in NY State for high school students, in the basement of his parents’ home in Brooklyn, New York.

Kaplan recognized how important standardized testing, like the Regents and later the SATs, was for assessing college applicants. He started to prepare students for the SATs. His business grew rapidly as more U.S. colleges began to use standardized testing methods to assess applicants. By 1975, Stanley H. Kaplan expanded his business and had test preparation centers in 23 cities across the U.S.

By 1984, Kaplan had opened more than 100 centers nationally with around 600 part-time satellite offices serving 95,000 students a year. Later that year, The Washington Post Company bought Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Centers Ltd.

Kaplan, Inc. currently has 4 main divisions with 500+ locations in more than 30 countries and serves more than 1 million students per year.

Kaplan's Mission Statement

Kaplan Inc. helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals. We build futures one success story at a time.

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Knowledge: We offer expert resources to help you achieve your academic and career best.

Support: We give you the tools you need to succeed.

Opportunity: We open doors and broaden access to education.

Results: We're dedicated to helping you achieve your goals – we succeed when you succeed.

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