Language of Love Infographic

Kaplan students love to study English abroad. Have you ever wondered whether English is the language of love? Kaplan decided to discover how love inspires people to learn English.

We asked 1,213 EFL (English as a foreign language) speakers what motivated them to learn English. Take a look at the results in our infographic! Do you agree with the findings? Let us know by leaving a comment.


love learning English infographic

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Why are language skills attractive?

Gail McLaughlan, Managing Director of MySingleFriend, said: “These findings reflect some of our own research. People should be proud to show off their language skills, knowing that it’s something that others find attractive.”

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, co-authors of best-selling dating book The Rules, said: “Guys and girls love having someone who speaks a second or even third language. It makes them seem like more of a prize and is definitely a plus in the dating world!”

Why is London the most romantic English-speaking city?

Leah Larkin, Press Office EDF Energy London Eye, said “It isn’t surprising that London has been voted most romantic English speaking destination in the world. The iconic landscape filled with an abundance of old and new structures makes for a breath-taking expanse.”

Why is Obama the most inspirational celebrity?

Ekaterina Haskins, PhD Associate Professor of Rhetoric Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said:“One of the most accomplished orators of his generation, Barack Obama proves that artfully composed and well delivered speech can be a powerful tool of political leadership and social change.

“What makes him a genuinely inspiring speaker, however, is his ability to recruit his audience members to become agents of change. He achieves this not by pandering to his listeners’ entrenched political and social values but by visualizing what we, the people, might become if we set aside our prejudices and agree to work together toward “a more perfect union.”

Richard Greene, Communication Strategist and Public Speaking Coach, said: "President Obama is, indeed, a wonderful example of the power of words. It took only 16 minutes of hearing him speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention for America to want him to be their leader. If those learning English were to model the communication skills of Barack Obama, they, too, would be well on their way to tremendous success in whatever they choose to do!”

Why is Rihanna the most inspirational musician?

Chloe Govan, author of Rihanna: Rebel Flower, said: "Music is the universal language, its beats and melodies reaching out to people no matter what their mother tongue. Non-native listeners strive to emulate Rihanna's glamour and talents.

“It's only natural that they want to become more like her by sharing a language in common too. Whereas in days gone by, students were inspired by Shakespeare, Rihanna is the icon of the modern generation. If music is the language of love, play on!"

Rodrigo Alencar, of, said: “Rihanna is one of the most successful singers worldwide these days, her songs are all over the charts, so it's just natural that people who do not speak English want to understand what she's singing.

“Since 2005 she's releasing new great music every year, so people just can't "get away" from her. Also, the lyrics are usually super catchy and many fans relate to them.”

Why is "I Will Always Love You" the most popular song?

James Robert Parish, author of Whitney – We Will Always Love You, said: “Dolly Parton had a huge record hit in 1974 singing her wistful composition “I Will Always Love You.” However, today it is Whitney Houston’s bravura performance of the song from her film The Bodyguard (1992) that remains indelibly in the minds of music lovers around the world. The song’s lyrics, vocalized in epic fashion by Houston, speak directly to listeners everywhere . . . anytime.

“It’s very emotional message is that a romance-¬here being terminated by a strong woman-¬will end hopefully in the ex-lovers’ mutual respect for one another. It is the essence of timeless romantic fantasy. Whitney’s powerful yet vulnerable rendition of the song makes its highly-charged points unforgettable.”

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