Long-term English Courses

At 5-9 months in length, these great value Kaplan courses allow for real immersion into the culture of your chosen destination. Become fluent in the English language, both in the classroom and in everyday life, make friends from all around the world with a busy social program, and do something different!

Choose a general or intensive course approach and if you want to study for an academic semester or an academic year. These highly flexible courses are perfect if you want to not only significantly improve your English, but also to gain a truly international perspective to your life and a respected edge to your résumé.

Tailored to suit you and your personal goals, our Long-term ESL courses are the perfect way to make the most of your time abroad. To find out more, contact us or select from one of the options below:


    This course is a great value choice and is the least time and study intensive of the four. Live within an international culture for 5-6 months and absorb the English language successfully and effortlessly.


    Spend 9 months learning English at one of our stunning destinations worldwide and embark upon a new stage of life. Meet other like-minded international students and study while having a great time!