Intensive English Academic Semester

Intensive English Academic Year Courses

Do you want to spend a school year learning English and getting to know a new culture and country? Take Intensive English Academic courses for an academic year and see your English skills dramatically improve! 

What are Intensive English Academic Year Courses?

Our Intensive English Academic Year courses are year-long courses that will bring your English fluency up to the highest level possible, with our highest number of lessons available. The Intensive English Academic Year course will give you the chance to focus on your English language learning exclusively. Choose from specific skills lessons and build an even greater understanding – from Business English vocabulary to film studies.

You’ll also have the chance to completely immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your destination! Whether you choose to study near the beach, in the middle of a big city or on a university campus, you’re guaranteed to explore your new home.

Course Facts

  • Location: All schools in Canada, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, UK, USA
  • 2015 Start Dates UK, Ireland, & New Zealand: Jan 5; Feb 16; April 6; June 15; July 27; Aug 31; Sept 21; Sept 28

    2015 Start Dates USA & Canada: Jan 5; April 6; June 15; Sept 21

  • Course Length: 9 months (32 weeks of tuition + 2-3 weeks of vacation)
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Requirements: Elementary to Advanced English (your course level will be determined by an English Level Test)
  • Class Size: 10–15
  • Lessons per Week: 20 General English (15 hours), 8 Specific Skills (6 hours) + 7 K+ tools, K+ clubs sessions (5.25 hours)
  • Timetable: All courses are Monday-Friday, with morning and afternoon classes only (general timetable below)
Click here to view a general timetable.

Course Structure

45 minute lessons for a minimum of 32 weeks.

20 Lessons of General English:

Your lessons will change as your skills improve. The first focus will ensure that you are able to communicate effectively in everyday English. Then, you will be able to develop your reading, writing and speaking for an even better understanding of English.

7 Sessions of K+ clubs, K+ tools:

Practice and develop what you have learned in the classroom with additional online and offline exercises, study clubs and project work. You will be able to plan your sessions and keep a detailed record of your progress. These sessions have been specially designed to be complementary to your in-class lessons.

8 Lessons of Specific Skills:

The options vary from school to school, but may include Current Affairs, TOEFL/IELTS Preparation, Idioms or Literature.


At the end of the course, receive a Kaplan International Colleges Certificate of Achievement documenting your language level and attendance.


Student Testimonial

"I came here only 3 months ago and now I am able to write, to understand almost everybody and I can speak better English. Even if it's not easy every day, I am able to have a conversation and can easily express my opinion. "
charlotte petit
Los Angeles Westwood Testimonial