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Work and Study Canada Courses

Kaplan’s Work and Study Canada courses combine our English program with pre-arranged job interviews in Vancouver or Toronto. The combination of rigorous study and work experience will give you the best chance to practice your English amongst native speakers.

What are Work and Study Canada Courses?

Take the opportunity to improve your English through a Language Co-Op program!

Work and Study Canada offers you the opportunity to learn English and also put it to use in a working environment. Our programs combine English study with paid or unpaid work experience. You can choose to study first and then apply your language skills in a paid or unpaid position. Or you can integrate your Language Co-op portion through our OPUS program.

Your level of English and visa type will determine your length of study and your ability to work – so please check out the visa requirements or contact us if you’re not sure.

Course Facts

  • Location: Canada: Toronto and Vancouver
  • Start Dates:
    OPUS: Every Monday from Jan 6 2014 until September 29 2014 (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)

    ECSR: Every Monday from Jan 7 to Jun 28

    ECST: Multiple Mondays from Jan 7 to Jun 16

    CEIP: Every Monday

    RANCH STAY: Every Monday, typically from April to October

  • Course Length:
    OPUS: Vacation English: 24 weeks; 32 weeks; 36 weeks

    ECSR: 32 weeks; 40 weeks; 48 weeks

    ECST: 32 weeks; 40 weeks; 48 weeks

    CEIP: from 8 weeks to 48 weeks

    RANCH STAY: from 8 weeks to 24 weeks

  • Minimum Age: 17 to study, 18 for work placement
  • Requirements:
    English: B2 - Higher Intermediate English (for ECST: B1 Intermediate English) 
    All programs require a study and work permit. For unpaid programs with a max. 4w placement, no work permit is required.
  • Class Size: 10–15
  • Lessons per Week
    OPUS: 20 General English (15 hours) (+ part-time work)

    ECSR: 28 lessons of English + 7 sessions of K+tools/K+clubs

    ECST: 28 lessons + 7 sessions of K+tools/K+clubs (intensive English)

    CEIP: 28 lessons of English + 7 sessions of K+tools/K+clubs

    RANCH STAY: 20 - 40 lessons

  • Timetable: All courses are Monday-Friday, with morning and afternoon classes only (general timetable below)
Click here to view a general timetable.

Course Structure

We offer 5 different course types, all of which differ slightly in their structure. To read about them in more detail, read the fact sheet above or click here.

General English Lessons:

Lessons usually last 45 minutes, and focus on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses offer a semi-intensive English education that will help you learn quickly and effectively.

Part-time Work:

15 to 20 hours of part time work, once you are placed.


At the end of the course, receive a Kaplan International Colleges Certificate of Achievement documenting your language level and attendance.

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Student Testimonial

"The school staff helped me a lot to find a job and always were present when I needed them. I really like the way the teachers are always explaining stuff with real facts, which makes things easier to understand. "
antoine iten
Toronto School Testimonial