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Junior English Schools & Courses Worldwide

Kaplan is a world leader in English language education. We are internationally renowned for our high level of teaching and unfailing attention to student welfare across all of our junior English schools.

two-kids-happyAustralia Junior English Schools

  • Cairns

United Kingdom Junior English Schools 

  • Bath
  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Edinburgh
  • London Kingston
  • Salisbury
  • Stamford
  • Torquay

USA Junior English Schools 

  • Berkeley
  • Los Angeles - Whittier College
  • Northeastern University  
  • San Diego

Once they arrive at their chosen center, a full program of student-centered learning activities begins. The carefully selected teaching staff guide the students through their language development course targeted on developing their communication skills.

We use a wide range of teaching media to ensure they get the most out of the classroom-based learning with some of our centers benefiting from interactive whiteboards. 4 With a maximum of 15 students per teacher, we believe that our academic program brings really great benefits no matter how short or long the course.

The programs offer an integrated package of tuition, accommodation and cultural experiences designed to promote more effective language learning and to open up a new world of understanding about the country in which your child has chosen to study.

To find out more about the enrolment process and terms, download the terms and conditions here or contact us.