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June, July and August are some of the hottest times to visit our northern destinations. London, New York, Chicago and Edinburgh are the places to be in the summer!

Enjoy the summer sun of New York, the city beach in Chicago and the late night sunsets in London. Spend time at Edinburgh Fringe, or on the California beaches. Enjoy views of the bright, sunny skies of Toronto from the CN tower or the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver, one of the world’s best places to live.

Or chill out in Sydney and enjoy the mild weather – plus a break for skiing! Walking tours, whale watching and the snowy mountains are all within reach during the southern winter. Visit wineries near Melbourne and take advantage of the mild weather with a glass of wine.

But you have to move quickly – our most popular destinations sell out fast!

Take a vacation English course with us and spend your free time with new friends traveling, exploring and soaking up the culture. Take 20 45-minute long lessons of English per week, and spend the rest of your time sightseeing, traveling and spending time with your new friends.