Fluency in English

Study English to get a head start

The English language is one of the most sought-after language skills in international business, and a requirement for many of the world’s top universities. While learning English can be a difficult challenge, there are ways to make this experience as rewarding and beneficial as possible

Live as an English speaker

The best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in the culture and language. With Kaplan you can take an Intensive English course, a more relaxed Vacation or General English course, or even take a year or a semester to build your English. Studying in an English-speaking city offers the most thorough and comprehensive route to English fluency. Living among native speakers will help you master everyday language on top of your English lessons.

Learn the essential language skills

Kaplan courses will give you a strong basis in the four most important skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Use your classroom time to communicate, build vocabulary and even focus on your interests. Take advantage of Special Skills courses and study English films, prepare for an English exam or one of many other choices. 

Make lifelong social and professional connections

Meet people from around the world with experience at all levels, and spend time exploring and learning together. The kind of relationships people build at Kaplan can lead to worldwide travels, business opportunities and lasting friendships.

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Exam Success

Learn proven test-taking strategies

Kaplan is a world leader in exam preparation courses, with more than 70 years of experience teaching students the best methods for succeeding on a number of exams. Learn the English you need to do well on your exams, plus take practice tests, online and offline exercises and guided study.

Grow and expand your practical English

Along with a thorough, detailed understanding of your exam, you’ll also gain more everyday English, both in class and from living and experiencing life in an English-speaking city. Every minute is a learning opportunity when you study English abroad. Build your vocabulary, speaking skills and gain cultural insights.

You’ll meet people from around the world during your course and within your living quarters, building relationships with a community of international people like you.

Take practice exams and hone your skills

Gain the confidence to do your absolute best on exam day. In your exam preparation lessons, you’ll cover all sections of the exam, and learn the verbal and writing skills you need to succeed.

In some of our schools, you can even take your exam on-site, in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

Prepare for a variety of exams, from IELTS to GMAT

We offer preparation courses for the TOEFL and IELTS exams, as well as the Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE certifications.

If you are interested in furthering your education, we also have GMAT and GRE courses specifically designed for international students.

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Career Focus

Gain practical work experience

The best way to build business language skills is to work in an English-speaking environment! Our internships and work/study programs are a great way to combine English lessons with practical work experience in an English-speaking country.

Build your resume or CV and learn practical English in an everyday work setting, on top of classroom lessons that will give you a basis for expanding and improving your vocabulary, communication skills and grammar.

Take courses while working

Our internship and work/study programs combine short English courses with work placements or unpaid professional placements. Spend your time in class building your English level, discussing your work and learning the four fundamental language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

We offer paid work and study options in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where you can work in service, retail, hospitality or agriculture. You will be able to earn extra money while studying English.

Our unpaid internship program in Australia, New Zealand and Canada combines English lessons with a professional business placement. Learn from your superiors and gain valuable English and business lessons, plus contacts for your future endeavors.

In the USA, we have Practical Business English placements. Spend some of your time learning English, plus 8 or more weeks of lessons and placement within a company.

Get help building your CV/resume

Learn how to best structure your CV/resume and get assistance preparing for interviews. We will help you find companies and organizations to apply to, and give you the lessons and assistance to earn your position.

Make business and social connections

Meet people in the class and in your work placement, get recommendations, and perhaps even find a future job! Gain lifelong relationships, professional connections and networking contacts to further your career.

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