Australia visa information

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Do I need a visa to study in Australia?

How much time does it take to get a Student Visa?

How soon can I start?

I didn't write a start date on my application because I want to start as soon as I get approved for a student visa is that ok?

What happens if my visa is denied?

Does Kaplan International English issue visas for Australia?

How do I get a visa?

Which Embassy should I visit?

How long will my visa be valid for?

Can Kaplan International help me complete an application for a visa?

What is the likelihood that my Visa application will be approved?

What happens if I am denied a visa?

Can my student visa be extended if I need more time to study?

What does Australian Immigration Services require in a bank statement?

Do I have to show a bank statement on arrival even if I have paid?

How much money do I need to show on my bank statement?

Can I change my start date after receiving my Student Visa?

Can I change schools after receiving my Student Visa?

Can I enter Australia before or after my start date?

What documents will I need to show at the Port of Entry?

What are the study requirements at Kaplan International English?

Can I work during my studies at Kaplan International English?

Working holiday visa information

Who would need a working holiday visa for Australia?

Who can apply for a working holiday visa for Australia?

What does this visa let me do?

Which countries can participate in the Working Holiday Program?

Can I work for 12 months?

How long can I study for with the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)?

How much will this visa cost?

How do I apply?

Where is my nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate?

Can I extend my visa beyond 12 months?

I have already participated the Working holiday program in Australia, can I reapply a second time?