Life @ Kaplan: The Cairns Experience

Back in November, Kaplan launched a photo competition, offering one lucky fan the chance to start their New Year studying English in Cairns.

After receiving more than 100 entries, Asaf Cohen, 30, from Israel was voted the winner for his photo; “Kaplan Initials”. We spoke to him about his time in Cairns, his course and his favorite things about studying in Australia.

Asaf's winning photo
Asaf's winning photo

What made you enter the competition?

I had never been to Australia before, and thought it would be a great experience and the perfect way to start 2013.

Where did you get the inspiration for your photograph?

When it came to my photo, I spent two days trying to get inspiration, until my friend came up with the idea to spell out the Kaplan initials using different objects.

What were your impressions of Cairns before you arrived?

Before I arrived, I had the impression that Australia was a peaceful, quite, relaxed place with nice beaches and great weather and Cairns lived up to my expectations completely!

Asaf loved the Cairns scenery
Asaf loved the Cairns scenery

Did you enjoy the English plus Diving Course?

I had never been diving before and sadly I got sea sick so I couldn’t complete the course. This did mean however, that I spent even more time in the surrounding area of the reef and got to explore the nature  and the wildlife etc. I had a lot of fun studying the Vacation English part of the course.  The lecturers were cool and my teacher John was the greatest!

Asaf at the start of the English plus Diving course
Asaf at the start of the English plus Diving course

What were your favorite social activities at the school?

I loved meeting the other students in the school as they were all very friendly. We all went out a lot during the two weeks I was studying in Cairns. My favorite activity was when we all gathered together to have a barbecue and beers in the school.

You also travelled to Melbourne, where we have just opened a new school. What did you do while you were there?

I went to the Australian Open finals. It was amazing!

Asaf saw Djokovic win the Australian Open
Asaf saw Djokovic win the Australian Open


What advice would you give anyone who wants to study abroad in Australia?

For anyone wanting to learn English in Cairns, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, I would just say go for it! You learn so much, but you also get to have fun and an amazing experience all at the same time.

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