10,000 Photos Tell the Kaplan Experience

10,000 photos have been shared online by staff and students of Kaplan International Colleges.

Using Instagram, the popular photo sharing app owned by Facebook, a wide selection of images have been posted which include the hashtag: #KaplanExperience.

From social activities in Sydney, to landmarks in London, to classrooms in Chicago and friends in Philadelphia, the 10,000 photos have captured all aspects of a language student’s journey, across 42 cities around the globe.

#KaplanExperience Toronto


Robert Pickstone, Kaplan's Social Media Manager, explains the thinking behind the hashtag: “Our aim has always been to encourage and empower all associated with our brand to tell their story, to report their viewpoint, to share their Kaplan Experience.

"We have thousands of talented photographers across different countries and continents, who are capturing what’s important to them in visually stunning ways. We want to showcase what is being encountered and felt.

"We’re both proud and grateful to all students and staff for helping to create so many positive Kaplan Experiences, and for sharing them so beautifully on Instagram. Here’s to another 10,000."

To view these photographs, search for #KaplanExperience on Instagram. To view Kaplan International’s Account, visit @KaplanInternational.

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