7 Things To Do In Adelaide

From swimming with dolphins to sampling fine wines, here's our top 7 things to do in Adelaide.

Swim with dolphins 

For those that love animals, the opportunity to swim with dolphins is something that should not be missed during your time in Adelaide. Boasting a rich marine life and a high population of dolphins and sea lions, Adelaide’s catamaran tours are a brilliant way to spend your time, guaranteeing customers the opportunity to spot, and more often than not, swim with the dolphins. The dolphins are renowned for approaching the boats and trying to play with visitors, so it is very likely that your tour will result in a face to face encounter with these beautiful animals.  

Adelaide Zoo 

As home to more than 1800 animals, Adelaide Zoo is the perfect place for visitors to get their wildlife fix. Although the zoo offers a diverse array of animals, from tigers, to lions, kangaroos and koalas, the biggest attraction is their giant pandas, as it is the only zoo in the country where you can view the beautiful bears. 

Barossa Valley

Considered as the unofficial 'wine capital' of Australia, and renound for its high quality wines, Adelaide's winery tour is another great tourist attraction. With the option to opt for a guide tour of the vineyards, or to explore the wineries independently, both options give you the chance to learn about the wine making process, and access to some of the best wines in Australia.

Aside from the high quality wines, the Barossa Valley also attracts visitors for its selection of rich cheeses, meats and pastries. Offering a wide selection of food stalls, pastries, cheeses, meats and fruit, Barossa valley is a food lover's haven.  

Haigh's chocolate factory 

For anyone with a sweet tooth, a trip to Haigh's chocolate factory is a necessary visit during your time in Adelaide. Unlike many other chocolatiers, you can tour the chocolate factory free of charge, while a tour guide takes you around the factory and explains the chocolate making process. After the tour you then have the option to buy some freshly made chocolate. The factory boasts an impressive range of chocolates and confectionary, from chocolate bars to truffles. No matter what your taste, there’s sure to be something to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooth’s. 

Kangaroo Island 

Another great way of seeing Australia’s abundance of wildlife is to take a trip to the beautiful Kangaroo Island. With the opportunity to feed kangaroos, hold koalas or walk amongst the sea lions, a tour of this island allows you to come face to face with some of Australia’s most unique wildlife.  

Adelaide Botanic Gardens 

For those that are interested in history, a trip to Adelaide’s botanic gardens is a great way of finding out about the Australian aboriginal people. Guided tours give visitors an insight into their lives and customs, and introduce you to traditional aboriginal food, and educate you about their culture. 


After sight-seeing and learning about Adelaide's culture, a trip to Glenelg beach is a must do to finish off your trip. Located just 10 kilometres from the city, Gleneg is a beautiful seaside resort that attracts both tourists and locals alike. Featuring long, sandy beaches beautiful coasts and rich marine life, it's the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon.

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