A year of English in Canada: Shunichi's story

Shunichi, from Japan, studied a year of intensive English with Kaplan in Vancouver, Canada. The 21-year-old tells us about his goals and aspirations, and why he chose to study with Kaplan.

How did you find out about Kaplan?
My agent, Ryugaku Journal, told me that Kaplan was good for students who wanted to learn English more seriously.

What were you doing before choosing to study at Kaplan?
I was studying at university and working at a private school as a part-time job.

How has your English improved since studying at Kaplan?
I am trying to talk with friends in English as much as possible, read books, and watch TV programs.

What do you love the most about the city you're studying in?
I love nature surrounding Downtown such as mountains and sea. Also, people living here are very kind to us, so Vancouver is comfortable to live in.

What do you like about the school?
Kaplan has a lot of activities which help us improve our English and make friends. Also, student service is great.

What do you like the most about your teachers?
They tell us what is the problem with us and how to overcome it properly. Therefore, we can improve our English greatly.

What has been your best experience at Kaplan so far?
I'm working at the front desk as a volunteer. This is a good opportunity to improve my English and know how foreign people
work and what they do. I am sure that this experience is going to affect my life after going back to Japan.

Why would you recommend Kaplan to your friends back home?
Because the priority of Kaplan is students. Teachers are great, and its service is helpful. We are never disappointed with school.

How do you think studying English with Kaplan will help your future?
Absolutely helpful for my future.

What do you plan to do after you finish studying?
My dream is to become an English teacher in Japan, so I am going to continue studying English.

Do you think this course has helped you with your future goals? How?
This course has helped me a lot. Not only have I studied English, also I have studied how to teach English. By observing teachers, I can get ideas and activities that enable students to improve their English.

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