What’s the difference between an Academic Semester and an Academic Year?

With many of our Academic Semester and Academic Year students beginning their courses at Kaplan today, what better time to talk about the differences between the two courses, and find out if long-term study is right for you.

Why you should invest in long-term study

 An Academic Semester or Academic Year course is right for you if you want to:

  • Gain a high level of English fluency
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Spend months immersed in a new exciting culture
  • Improve your English and take a test prep course
  • Benefit from discounts by choosing to study long-term

By choosing to study with Kaplan for a semester or a year-long course, you increase your chances of becoming fluent in the English language. Not only will you improve your English through lessons designed to increase your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening skills, but you’ll also have more time to practice your English while out about exploring your new city. Spending time abroad will allow you to make friends, explore your surroundings, and learn about the culture around you.

If you’re looking to further extend your education and want to study at an English-speaking university, you may need to take an IETLS or TOEFL exam in order to apply for entry. Both an Academic Semester or Academic Year course will give you the English foundation you will need for any additional test prep courses you may want to complete after.

If you want to progress in your career, English is a vital skill to have. Many global companies prefer hiring people who speak English; learning to read, write, and communicate in one of the most popular languages in the world, and the unofficial language of business, will give your CV a boost and give you a competitive advantage over other applicants looking for a job.

Charles Dobignes completed an Academic Year with Kaplan; here are his thoughts on what the course did for his future.


Course Breakdown

An Academic Semester and Academic Year are available as a General or Intensive English course. You can begin at any level from Elementary to Proficient. Students in our Intensive English program progress to the next language level in an average of only 10 weeks.

An Academic Year is an 8-month program with three breaks.

An Academic Semester is available as either a 5- or 6- month term with either two or three breaks.

What you will receive weekly?

  • 20 English lessons: Reading, writing, listening, conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation*
  • K +clubs Study Groups: Take part in teacher-led study sessions on a diverse range of subjects.
  • K +tools Online Learning: Gain access to K +tools, complementary learning materials that can be used online anytime.
  • K +eXtra Online Learning: Benefit from the K +eXtra additional learning materials, ideal for self-directed study in your own time and at your own pace.

*Those taking an Intensive English Course will receive 8 specific skills lessons and choose from a range of subjects to help tailor your program to meet your specific needs.

The next start dates for Academic Semester and Academic Year courses varies. Contact a student Advisor if you’d like to find out about a specific school or region, or find out more about our long-term study courses.

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