Next Steps Learning Abroad - Academic Year and Semester

In many countries, it’s common to have a rest after High School or once you finish College. These are periods of reflection that usually lead to taking decisions which will enormously effect your future.

What should you do for such a long period of time? What’s the best way to chill out, enjoy yourself and earn valuable experience?  Read on for the trip of a lifetime!

For many years, we have structured courses of 5, 6, 9 and 12 months to fit the needs of students over the age of 16:

After High School

If you just finished High School, this is a brilliant moment to put the brakes on to think about your future career path and the necessary steps to reach them, i.e. what certificate you will need in order to enter the college of your choice.

The option you are looking for is an academic semester or year where you can get fluency in English plus a preparation course to a certificate like IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge Exams. Once your level of English is sufficient, you will be able to start a Test Preparation course within the program.

In destinations like Canada or USA you can get a TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge Test preparation course as an elective. If you rather would go to New Zealand, you will be allowed to change to any exam preparation course without any fee being charged.

After University/ College

Once you finish your two-to-five years of college it’s not unusual to be uncertain on how to start your professional career or how to get the first placement.

A great advantage of the academic year or semester is that it's a gateway to get into internships abroad. In our USA schools, you will be entitled to enter our internship programs once you get to an advanced level of English within your course. Another possibility is offered in our New Zealand schools as you will be able to work in this fantastic country once you pass your IELTS 5.0 exam, which you can prepare for during your course. Also in Australia you will be entitled to work 20 hours with your student visa once you start your course.

Already a professional?

Long term English courses are also very convenient if you need to improve your professional language as you could combine your course with Business English, which will give you a more international CV.

The costs for these courses are accessible, with promotions offering huge savings for students as well as providing services according to some locations, i.e. free internship advice.

Kaplan provides several starting dates throughout the year. Contact us for more information and join us in one of the following dates for academic year:

  • 26 September 2011
  • 3 January 2012
  • 9 April 2012

Or to be part of one Kaplan academic semester:

  • 26 Sept 2011
  • 17 Oct 2011
  • 3 Jan 2012
  • 19 March 2012
  • 9 April 2012

Don't think Kaplan will be just studying! As well as the holidays included in the program, you will enjoy DAILY activities in any school like sports and adventure, trips to cities, museums and theatres or any type of party! Not only will you take a big step forward in your career but you will have made friends from all over the globe!

Most of all, you will have lived an experience with Kaplan that you will NEVER forget!

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