Adventures in English: Episode Three (Part One)

You join our comic strip hero Wary Harry and his plucky sidekick Sancha Pancha on their quest in Grammar Land. If you missed the last episodes, click the links to discover what happened to Wary Harry in episode one and episode two.

Kaplan’s Adventures in English series is brought to you in collaboration with the popular graphic designer Pablo Stanley. Discover more about Pablo and his English language inspirations in this interview.

This episode of Adventures in English uses the popular English food idiom "a piece of cake". Read below the comic strip for more examples of idioms and how to use them.

A Piece of Cake

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What does the idiom "A Piece of Cake" mean?

We love using idioms on the Kaplan blog. There's an illustration post about food idioms and a written post that just focuses on cake idioms!

The idiom "a piece of cake" means something something that is very easy.

Here are some examples of how to use "a piece of cake".

  • “Our English homework was a piece of cake. It only took a few minutes to complete!”
  • "Manchester United made playing Barcelona look like a piece of cake after they beat them 10-0!"

Can you think of way to use the idiom "a piece of cake" or do you know any other idioms that mean something is very easy? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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