Animals Of The World Infographic

Do you have a favorite animal? Does your country have a national animal? We're a bunch of animal lovers at Kaplan. We like animals so much that we've even written a blog post all about animal idioms.

Take a look at our new Animals Of The World infographic! We've tried to feature as many national animals from around the world and translate their names into English. Take a look underneath the graphic for a full list of the countries, animals and their translations.

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This graphic was created by Sarah Hammond. Check out more of her great work at Fur, Feathers and Tails.

Full list of countries, animals and translations into English:

Country Animal English
Mexico Águila Real Golden Eagle
Colombia Verdadero Loro True Parrot
Angola Palanca Negra Sable Antelope
Guatemala Quetzal Quetzal
Venezuela Turpial Venezuelan Troupial
Kuwait الجمل العربي Arabian Camel
Ecuador Tortuga de Galápagos Galápagos Tortoise
Peru Vicuña Vicuña
Bahrain البلبل أبيض الخد White-cheeked Bulbul
United Arab Emirates الشاهين Peregrine Falcon
Brazil Tamanduá Bandeira Giant Anteater
Saudi Arabia الحصان العربي Arabian Horse
Qatar & Oman المها Oryx
Chile Huemul South Andean Deer
China 熊猫 Panda
Korea 호랑이 Tiger
Argentina Condor de los Ándes Andean Condor
Thailand ช้าง Elephant
Taiwan 台灣黑熊 Asiatic Black Bear
Japan 錦鯉 Koi
Russia бурый медведь Brown Bear
Belarus зубр Bison
Azerbaijan карабахская лошадь Karabakh Horse
Kazakhstan снежный леопард Snow Leopard
Ukraine аист Stork
Georgia леопард Leopard
Armenia орел Eagle
Tajikistan горный козел Capra
Turkey Ankara Tavşanı Angora Rabbit
Germany Goldener Adler Golden Eagle
France Coq Cockerel
Poland Żubr European Bison
Portugal Galo de Barcelos Rooster of Barcelos
Switzerland Kuh Cow
Austria Reh Deer
Spain Toro Bull
Italy Lupo Italian Wolf

Please let us know if we've made a mistake or missed out an important animal by leaving a comment! We value your feedback and can only improve our blog content with your help.

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