Answer Key: What Are Silent Letters?

How well do you think you did? Test your answers with our answer key below. The silent letters are highlighted in bold.


Laura: Hey Raul!

Raul: Oh hi Laura. What a surprise! What are you doing at the train station this late at night?

Laura: I just got back from visiting my boyfriend in Connecticut.

Raul: Nice, but I didn’t know you were dating an American. I thought you said he was from an island in Thailand.

Laura: He’s Thai, but he’s studying psychology in Connecticut. He’s a sophomore at Yale.

Raul: Wow, he must be smart.

Laura: Yeah, he always has answers to other people’s problems, but not his own. Then he’s a little dumb.

Raul: What kind of problems does he have?

Laura: He has some problems with debt. He’s still not good at managing his money.

Raul: I totally understand, as you can see from all the shopping bags.

Laura: Yeah, so what did you buy?

Raul: I went shopping for my camping trip. I bought meat, salmon, almonds, vegetables, biscuits, chocolate, special clothes for high altitude, and a sword to fight wild animals. I spent the whole day shopping.

Laura: That sounds expensive.

Raul: No, I got great deals. You should see the receipts.

Laura: Listen, I would love to talk more, but this is my stop.

Raul: Oh, okay. It was great talking to you. See you on Wednesday.

Laura: Okay, see you then.

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