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10 Places to Study English this Summer

What are your summer plans in 2017?

Why not make it count and explore the world while gaining a new language – a skill that will prove valuable for the rest of your life. And that doesn’t mean you'll have to be in a classroom, the benefits of studying abroad mean you’ll be surrounded by the new language you are studying. Learn the vocabulary for food and how to order in a restaurant and then use those skills outside of the classroom as you soak up the outside world around you.

Choose from over 40 schools in beautiful locations around the world – pick from the diverse cities of the USA and Canada, the history and tradition of the UK and Ireland, or the sunny shores of Australia and New Zealand. Take a look at summer through the eyes of previous Kaplan students.


New York 

Study English this summer in New York

What better way to spend your summer than in the city that never sleeps? New York is always buzzing, but there is something special about it in the summer time. And with an influx of visitors during the warmer months you’ll be able to meet and network with a range of people from around the world. Whether you choose to spend your days studying in our Empire State Building school, located on the 63rd floor of one of the most iconic buildings in the world, or in our SoHo school in a chic and trendy Manhattan neighborhood, we can ensure you – this will be a summer you’ll never forget!


San Fransisco 

Study English this summer in San Fransisco

This small city on the bay is one of those iconic places in the US, and it's easy to see why many of our students decide to study English in San Francisco. Spend your free time after class enjoying the breathtaking views of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, take a cable car up one of the many hilly roads, or head to Fisherman's Wharf for some tasty seafood and to catch a glimpse of sea lions basking in the sunshine!


Los Angeles

Study English this summer in Los Angeles

We can’t really think of anything better than spending the sunny weeks of summer located on the beautiful west coast of America – Los Angeles. Our Westwood English school is situated close to the UCLA campus and centrally located, making it easy to visit the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and the beautiful beaches nearby. The rest of the west coast is easily accessible allowing you to see more than just LA!



Study English this summer in Washington

Study in Washington, DC over the summer and learn about more than just English. Home to US politics, the White House is only a 10-minute walk from the school. Visit the many monuments around the city and learn about the history of the country and the inner workings of the US government. 

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San Diego 

Study English this summer in San Diego

San Diego,the most southern coastal town in sunny California, is the ideal place to study. Our new San Diego English school is equipped with the latest technology and features an outdoor patio to spend time between classes. Enjoy the city during your free time, walk the trendy streets full of museums, art galleries, and restaurants and with year-round warm weather it's easy to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of San Diego!



Study English this summer in Toronto

What do you think about spending your summer in Canada? Our English school in Toronto is located in the downtown part of the city, which makes it a great base for exploring. Canada is full of nature and gives visitors numerous chances to enjoy the outdoor life. Soak up those sunny warm days and explore a truly global destination. 



Study English this summer in Bournemouth

There is nothing better than a quaint English seaside town in the summer. With the perfect mix of nightlife and sunny warm days, Bournemouth is a lovely place to spend your summer as a student. Our Bournemouth school is only a short distance from the city center, close to the sandy beaches, blue sea, and vibrant restaurant scene.



Study English this summer in Bath

Bath is full of history and tradition and during the warmer months it’s buzzing with excitement. Whether you’re visiting the old Roman Baths, enjoying the green spaces surrounding the city or traveling to visit Stonehendge, a prehistoric wonder of the world – we highly recommend studying English in Bath!



Study English this summer in Dublin

Absorb some Irish tradition this summer and study English in Dublin. From the excitement of the cultural quarter (where our school is located) to the streets filled with friendly locals and Irish music, Dublin is the ideal mix between history and culture and definitely worthy of your summer vacation.



Study English this summer in Sydney

Lazy summer days are easily spent in Sydney, Australia. We have two schools to pick from: Sydney City, centrally located, and Sydney Manly, just across from the beach! Enjoy everything about this dynamic city and soak up the surf culture, warm weather, and scenic surroundings.


Did you know we have over 40 English schools to choose from – where would you go? Let us know in the comments below! 

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