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Coast to Coast Travel: How to see more of the USA than Ever Before

As the third biggest country in the world, the USA is an expanse of land. Choosing to study, explore, or travel America doesn't mean you’ll be able to see it all. Many people who do visit might find it easier to stick to either the west or east coast. But how easy is it to travel across the country - and how much of it can you realistically see?


USA's Infamous Route 66

Route 66, the first highway to be built diagonally across America – crossing 8 states and 3 time zones – deservingly received the nickname “Main Street of America,” as it simply connected millions of people from west to east or east to west.

Around the mid 1950’s bigger and newer interstate highways, with the ability to hold more cars, were built and slowly parts of Route 66 were abandoned. But it’s still iconic. It’s the original American road trip and it definitely retains some of its magic! 85% of the old 2-lane roads are still there and now known as the Historic Route 66, and allows those passing by to experience the many different towns, cities, states, classic diners, motels, and gas station as you make your way from LA to Chicago.


Old style cafe along Route 66 in the USA
Old style shops you'll find along the the Historic Route 66 


As a Kaplan student studying on the west coast you may be heading or currently studying in either one of our LA schools situated in the residential neighborhood of Westwood or the Californian city of Whittier, both of which are easy points to begin your journey. Or you might be in our Huntington Beach location or further south in our San Diego school, which are also accessible to parts of the route. 


drive across America
You'll see some of the most amazing natural wonders the USA has to offer


Begin in the state of California and visit Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach. Once you hit the state of Arizona you’re (kind of) close to the Grand Canyon so why not experience this slice of landscape heaven? Driving through New Mexico and Texas means you might be stopping more than usual, as many places are designated historic sites and worth a visit. Once you move into Oklahoma you’re officially heading east and are half way across the USA. It’s in this state you’ll be able to see the actual Route 66 museum along with a number of famous cafés. Next up is Kansas, offering a wealth of places to visit such as the oldest operating store on Route 66 called Eisler Brothers Old Riverton Store or Fort Baxter, a site of the famous Civil War battle. Cruise through Missouri full of old theaters, motels, cafes, and gas stations and soon you’ll be in Illinois and on your way to Chicago the end of your journey.

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Train across the states 

If hiring a car and driving through the US over a number of days and weeks isn't for you, then taking a train might be ideal. It'll not only save you time but allow you to see way more than just your immediate surroundings. Amtrak trains connect a huge range of cities together up, down, and across the country.

If you’re choosing to stay along the west coast and just travel up and down, you can easily get from our Seattle and Portland English schools to LA or San Francisco, seeing Denver and Salt Lake City along the way.


train USA
It's one of the oldest and most romantic forms of travel


Or if you'd prefer to stick to the east coast and explore Boston, or New York, you'll benefit from routes from New York to Washington, DC passing through Philadelphia.

And if you’re really up for an exciting adventure why not travel cross-country by train? Enjoy the northern route from Seattle through to Chicago via Portland and Minneapolis, or from LA to Chicago exploring places like New Mexico and Kansas City along the way or glimpse the southern states and travel via San Antonio, Dallas, and St. Louis.  

The options are vast and with the option to book train tickets 11 months in advance and pay less than $200 you can plan for a real adventure! 


Train across the USA
Take a train across America! 


If you’re currently studying in one of our schools in the USA, why not plan a trip with one of your new friends? Or if you're already travelling across America, we have 19 school locations across the US, so why not stop in? All our schools accept walk-in students and we can help you enroll and begin the following Monday!

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