Australia Open of Surfing: Students Talk about Manly Beach

Manly Beach is home to this year's Australia Open of Surfing, and where you can find Kaplan's Sydney Manly school, just seconds from the sand.

Kaplan's English school at Manly Beach is the ideal destination for people who want the opportunity to surf before and after English classes. Because of the school's amazing location and the staff's appreciation of the sea and surf, students come from all over the world to try out Australia's waves.

Kaplan teacher Joe hanging out with surfer Mick Fanning
Kaplan teacher Joe hanging out with surfer Mick Fanning

"I love that the school is close to the beach, I can go surfing when I want and the weather is really good," says Sacha from Belgium.

He says his English has improved greatly while in Australia. "I began at intermediate level and 3 months later I am in the advanced class. I think it's really clear! I'm using English all the time."

Many of our students said they surf 3 times or more a week, and even Kaplan teachers get in on the action! Joe Urban, a teacher at Kaplan Manly, told us that he likes to surf because it's great for his fitness, and it's relaxing and fun.

Students shared his sentiments. Douglas, from Brazil said that he does it to exercise and relax, and that surfing gives him peace.

Anna, an 18 year old from Switzerland, told us what she thinks about Manly. "I started surfing here a few days after my arrival. I love being so near the sea and the city at the same time."

Students get the best of both worlds at Kaplan Manly, with great activities, surfing at the doorstep and the chance to dramatically increase their English language skills and confidence.

When asked if his English had improved, Roman, a 29 year old from Switzerland said, “Yes. Absolutely. At the beginning of my stay I was very shy and I didn't understand the people around me most of the time.”

Sacha agrees that Kaplan Sydney Manly is a great place to learn English. “Of course, everything is possible in Manly, and all the Kaplan staff is nice!”

To see what other fun events the Kaplan students attended during the Australia Open of Surfing, check out #KaplanSurfManly on Instagram.

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