Australia's Best Beaches

From secluded beaches in the Whitsunday Islands, to surfing hotspots such as Manly Beach, here’s our list of Australia's best beaches, some that are conveniently located near to Kaplan schools..

  1. Whitehaven Beach - Whitsunday Island: Right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s no wonder that the White Haven Beach is consistently voted as Australia’s most beautiful beach. With white sands, crystal clear waters and secluded bays, the islands attract visitors from all over the world.   
  2. Manly Beach – Sydney: Located at the top of Sydney, Manly beach is renowned for its waves, and is consequently very popular with surfers who all use the coves of Manly for active water sports including surfing, windsurfing and parasailing.
  3. Bondi Beach – Sydney: As one of Sydney’s most popular attractions, Bondi Beach is always buzzing with crowds of people soaking up the rays. From surfing to shopping, to whale watching or even golfing, Bondi Beach offers a wealth of activities to keep visitors occupied. 
  4. Brighton Beach – Melbourne: Littered with colourful bathing boxes along the stretch of the beach, Brighton Beach is Melbourne’s most famous – and colourful beach. The beach is more exclusive than some of Australia’s other beaches, and is more of a relaxing local beach than a busy tourist attraction.
  5. Mandalay Beach – South Australia: If wild and pristine coastlines tickle your fancy, then Mandalay Beach is for you. With a spectacular coastline, beautiful sandy beaches and the site of the Norwegian shipwreck Mandalay, this beach ought to be added to your bucket list. 
  6. 75 Mile Beach – Fraser Island: Located in Australia’s stunning Fraser Island, as its name suggests the beach offers 75 miles of beauty sandy beaches. The unique beach also acts as a highway, so the best way to see the beach is to rent a car and spend a few days driving around the beach and its coves.
  7. Surfer’s Paradise – Gold Coast: Located in the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise is one of Australia’s most popular destinations, and one of the most beautiful beaches. As its name suggests it’s the perfect place for surfing and water activities, while its beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches make it perfect for a spot of sunbathing. 
  8. Ellis Beach – Cairns: As one of Australia’s more under-developed beaches, Ellis Beach is the perfect spot for those that want a more tranquil beach experience. With minimal visitors the beach is quiet and charming.  
  9. Port Stephens – New South Wales: With crystal clear waters and gentle waves, Port Stephens attracts visitors in the masses who are keen to snorkel, kayak and scuba dive in its gentle waters. With 26 golden beaches and bays, Port Stephens makes for an idyllic beach getaway. 
  10. Cottesloe Beach – Perth: Located just 15 minutes from Perth’s city centre, Cottesloe Beach is largely popular with Perth’s locals. Featuring golden sands and crystal clear waters, the beach is a hot spot for swimming, snorkelling and body boarding.

Whether you opt for the tranquil beaches of the Whitsunday Islands or the hustle and bustle of Bondi Beach, each of these beaches have something special to offer, which is why they made our top 10 list of Australia's best beaches.

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