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From Bath to Manchester: My Incomplete Story with the English Language
By Bashir Alzawawi, Libya

Bath is a small city located in the Somerset area. I chose Bath to study my English course in because it’s one of the most beautiful British cities; one of my friends who has been studying in the UK for 3 years recommended Kaplan International Colleges Bath to me.

My first day at Kaplan Bath was a very nice day because I felt just like was in my country: the friendly staff, smiling everywhere; easy to get what you need; asking about anything you want to know everybody; welcoming and answering your questions. I did not have anything to worry about. The classrooms were warm and the teachers were friendly.

As the city is very small, you can walk around it in only 30 minutes.  It’s a city that I’m not going to forget; the Roman Baths, the abbey, the old squares and the small shops, the old streets, the green parks and all of the beautiful attractions make you feel like you are living in the Roman era. For 4 months I enjoyed and spent an exciting time there.

But then, I went to Kaplan Manchester. You may ask me why I came to Manchester or why I changed from Kaplan Bath to Kaplan Manchester.

To answer this question I would like to tell you something about myself. I am the kind of person who loves change. I believe in change that brings good ideas and more experience: that is why I decided to change. I have not mentioned that Bath, as a tourist city, is quite expensive; although I was unhappy to leave Bath, I had no choice but to leave at that point.

When I came to Manchester, it was like a modern city, with huge markets, modern buildings, and wide streets. I did not care about it, just I tried to focus on Kaplan International Colleges, which located in the heart of the city in a new building completely different from the one in Bath.

My first day in the school was a very ordinary day; new faces, different accents of the English language and very fast speakers. I could not understand them. In my first class too, I felt as if I came from the beginner class. I couldn’t understand Jane, my teacher.
But the next day it was easier and third day I recognised that it is a very unique opportunity to challenge myself and follow this fast accent.

A few days later everything was normal and what had been a difficulty for me was becoming an advantage.

Why at the beginning of the course I felt like that leads me to a conversation with my first English teacher in Kaplan Bath, Natalie, when we were talking about learning English. I said to her Kaplan International Colleges uses a very active learning system which I felt had very excellent outcomes.

That why I’m not going to hesitate to recommend Kaplan to everyone who asks me
Thanks to all my teachers in Kaplan International Colleges Bath, and thanks my current teachers Jane and Adam in Kaplan International Colleges Manchester.

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