Blended Learning – The Kaplan Way!

Learn English online and offline with our new blended learning resources when you join our UK and Ireland English schools! Not only does it provide a theoretical and practical guide to the language but to the culture too, discussing issues such as educational systems, learning new cultures and finding your way in a new way of living and new patterns of behaviour.

The usual suspects for dissatisfaction in education are often:

1.       Lack of educational materials and resources

2.       Inconsistent learning

At Kaplan, we listened to our students and came up with a perfect solution through a unique mix of blended learning!

What is blended learning?

-          A combination of online and offline study, so students can learn at any time, better retain what they learned and practise outside of the classroom. See our examples below:

-          NEW course materials – to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing - written by our teachers and education experts just for our students!


- Online exercises to complement offline learning in a unique way compared to the typical learning packages.

Kaplan is more than a language course; it’s a worldwide experience, a whole range of learning behaviours for you to use to your best advantage!

This combination is the best way to learn a language fluently – exclusively for Kaplan! Join one of our UK and Ireland schools today to see what it is all about!

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