Fun Facts: How to Beat the Blues on Blue Monday

This coming Monday is scientifically the most miserable day of the year, Blue Monday. Don’t worry though. Kaplan has come up with ways to beat the blues!

Monday, January 21st 2013 is called Blue Monday. Blue Monday takes place on the third Monday of every January. Scientists claim that it is the year's most depressing day. There are a few reasons for this...

  • The weather will be gloomy (if you are in the northern hemisphere)
  • There is no money left over from the Christmas holidays
  • You might have failed your new year’s resolutions
  • The Christmas holidays are a distant memory
  • There is a general feeling of low motivation

Ways to beat Blue Monday:

1. Take a look at our latest illustration. It contains funny examples of homophones that will make you laugh!

Check out Eliza's illustration!

2. Listen to "Blue Monday" by New Order. It’s a great dance song from a classic Manchester band. The video looks funny because it was made in 1988! Check it out here.

3. Tell your friends a joke. There are plenty to choose from! Kaplan made a list of silly jokes that you can use, but don't feel bad if your friends don't laugh at every joke. It's part of the fun!

4. Eat some fruit and go to bed early. Blueberries have vitamin C, which can alleviate stress. People who get healthy amounts of sleep are happier than others.

5. Watch funny movies under a warm blanket. Get cozy and enjoy the chance to snuggle up at home and laugh a lot!

6. Do a good deed! You'll feel better if you do something for someone else, and you'll both be happy.

7. If you have a pet, spend some quality time with them. Pets are great for boosting your mood, and they always love you! If you have a friend with a pet, give them some affection.

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