Boost your career back home by learning English with Kaplan

Love living where you live but want to take your career further? If you thought learning English was only useful if you wanted to move abroad, think again.


You don’t have to leave home to experience the great career benefits, exciting experiences and new friends that learning English brings. Whether you study from your own living room with Kaplan International Colleges’ online courses or at one of Kaplan’s prestigious English language schools worldwide, you could see your career back home really take off.

How? Well, for a start, many international companies based abroad are looking to do business in a country like yours where the rent isn’t quite so high. That’s where you come in; an English language education makes you the ideal candidate for the profitable job opportunities these businesses offer.

Even with locally based firms, a second language, will allow you to communicate better across the globe and help qualify you for that big promotion and high ranking positions on an international scale. This is especially true with English, known as the ‘International language of Business’. English is such a popular second language that it’s regularly used for international deals even it isn’t the first language of ANY of the countries or people involved, so you can imagine how much it could help your career.

If you already have your foot on the career ladder and want to impress the boss by expanding business into new markets, English ability could be vital. Why? The US is the world’s largest importing country, and the UK and Canada are also in the top 10, meaning English is the language to learn to if you’re looking for international sales. Help your business and your own career prospects are sure to improve.

The secret’s out. Learning English with Kaplan is not only the best way to start a career overseas, it can also boost your career back home. So don’t hesitate, take this unique opportunity before everyone else does!

Has understanding English already helped you open the door to success? Leave us a comment to let us know how.

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