Beat the Clock and Save on Kaplan's English Language Courses

Kaplan International Colleges are giving fast-acting students the chance to save up to 15% on their exceptional learning experiences.

Students who want to learn English are being urged to Beat the Clock and contact Kaplan before September 30th in order to book their learning experience before course prices increase on October 1st.

New students who book prior to the deadline can save up to 15% on the start of an incredible learning journey in some of the world's most desirable locations while existing students can extend their Kaplan Experience at 2012's prices.

Mikhail Basman, Head of Marketing, said: "We're delighted to offer these savings to those who successfully beat the clock. Booking a course with Kaplan isn't just about starting English lessons in a classroom, it's a once in a lifetime experience."

Students can book a course and start tomorrow's journey at today's prices in one of 42 language schools in native English speaking countries like the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malta.

Kaplan's schools are in locations such as beach towns and big cities as well as near historical and cultural centers that are designed to maximize the fun and education students get outside of the classroom.

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