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Our language schools offer courses to help you improve your English for business purposes and so, over the years, we have also produced several articles for the blog full of tips and extra information to help you out, whether you are taking a course with us or not!

Below is a list of links to all the Business English posts we have published for you. We've separated these out into different categories so you can get to what you want easily and we’ll keep this post updated as we add more in the future.

Take a look and see if anything below can give you a helping hand with your career, or maybe even help you decide to enrol in a full business English course!

business meeting
English is the international language of business.


Business English vocabulary

Basic Business English Part 1: Basic English Office Vocabulary

Basic Business English Part 2: English Marketing vocabulary

How to Use Business Slang in English

How to talk about jobs and careers in English

English office skills

How to Write an Email: Etiquette Tips

How to write a business email in English

How to Build 5 Great Job Skills

Help finding a job

How To Look for A Job Abroad

How to Find a Summer Internship

How to Search for Jobs: Top 10 Tips

How to Write an American Résumé

How to Write a Résumé in English

How to Write a Cover Letter in English

Top 10 Interview Tips from Kaplan International

What to do post-interview

How to Network in English

English the language of international business
Understanding business English can make communication easier between coworkers and clients.


Choosing Business English courses

English for Business Courses Explained

Careers Guide: Picking your subject

Business-related fun facts

Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Other Kaplan Business English publications

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Want to know something specific about business English or learning English to give your career a boost? Leave us a comment below!

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