Career growth through IELTS: Hidetoshi's story

Hidetoshi from Japan tells us about his experience studying English at Kaplan Adelaide to expand his career options.

Why did you choose to study with Kaplan International?
When I looked for an IELTS course my Japanese agent recommended Kaplan International to me.

Which course are you taking and how long is it?
I took intensive English for one month but have now moved to the IELTS class. I will study here for another 12 weeks.

What do you enjoy about your course? Why did you choose it?
I want to know the strategy for passing the IELTS course. When I complete the IELTS exam my plan is to enter (the vocational school) TAFE to study International Trade. I believe this qualification will help me in my future career as I was previously in international trade.

How have the school staff helped you?
They are very kind and helpful. On the student services staff, Charlotte is always friendly and I never hesitate to ask her any questions if I need help. Also some staff have lived in Japan so they can really understand my feeling.

What is the best thing about the teachers and teaching method?
My previous teacher was Tarin and she could really understand our specific problems and was able to give us lot’s of examples to help us with key English skills. Garry too is a very experienced teacher and uses visual aids to help us understand.

What did you like most about the school?
I like the school as there are not many other Japanese students here so I am forced to use English to communicate even outside the classroom. I believe that the teaching quality of Kaplan is higher than other schools. Approximately ten years ago I lived and studied in Sydney and the English school I attended wasn’t as good as Kaplan.

Where do you recommend visiting in Adelaide?
I recommend visiting Port Adelaide. When I went there I also did a river cruise which as interesting as it showed not only sightseeing but one of the industrial areas of Adelaide. This was related to my previous job. I also visited a dam with my host family and we were able to speak through the dam, which was a unique experience.

What is your favorite social activity?
My favorite activity organized by the school is having BBQs.

How would you describe the ‘Kaplan Experience’ ?
Of course studying English is a very important part of the Kaplan experience but a more meaningful part is the cross-cultural communication opportunity. I strongly believe that this experience will be treasured by me forever.

How can you tell if your English has improved?
I haven’t met any other Japanese people in Adelaide so when I speak and listen in English I know I have improved as I can pick up the detail of someone’s conversation much more easily. My writing has improved as I am now writing more fluently without hesitation. I now use many more adjectives and adverbs in my writing to try and express myself in more detail.

What do you like the most about your accommodation?
I have a very nice homestay family, Tom and Tina. Their children are now grown up and independent but sometimes visit. I really like Tina’s cooking.

What is the best thing about studying with students from around the world?
In my case, I think listening was difficult at first as most students were from other countries around the world and pronunciation was different. However, I can now understand most of them very well.

How does your language course help you achieve your career and study goals?
My study experience has given me a higher understanding of English language. When I have a chance to use English in the future, I will have gained a broader knowledge of English which will ultimately help me with my work in international trade.

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