Catching up with David Villa's English teacher in Melbourne

While he's playing with Melbourne City, David Villa is working on growing his English language skills at Kaplan's English school in Melbourne, Australia. His teacher Ian told us about his role as David's teacher.

On Working with David 

David is a serious student who puts a lot of effort into his classes. He is obviously a motivated person and this certainly transfers to the classroom. He was not only interested in English for football, but also in general English and the ability to communicate with people in everyday situations. He also has excellent reading skills and asks great questions.

It was quite exciting to work with him, when it got close to the first lesson the excitement turned to nervousness, but I needn’t have been worried. David turned out to be really down to earth.

On Melbourne and Football

Melbourne has a lot going for it. It’s beautiful, clean and safe, but more importantly, there’s a lot of things to do. There are a lot of multicultural experiences to be had in Melbourne too, and the football teams are great.

I’m originally a Tottenham Hotspur fan, my parents and grandparents came from England when my mum was young, and my grandfather got me to support them when I was young. I also support Melbourne Victory. It's not the Melbourne team that David played for while he was here, and I told him as much, which I think amused him.

David Villa studying English in Melbourne

On Teaching English

I’ve been teaching at Kaplan since September 2013, and I’ve been teaching ESL since 2010. I started in Bogota in Colombia.

If I could give people who are learning English any advice, I would say that you should practice and use your English as much as possible outside of class time.

Whatever your purpose is for learning English, you need be focused and stay motivated with your studies because sometimes it’s not easy.

Speak to people, read books, listen to the radio and engage in everyday English as much as possible, such as ordering food or buying a train ticket. Also record things that confuse you so you can ask your teacher in class.

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