Get excited for the Champions League Final!



Kaplan’s Champions League Final Preview

The biggest football match of the year has arrived! Manchester United and Barcelona, two of the greatest teams in the world, will be going head-to-head on May 28th to try and win the biggest prize in Europe: The Champions League.

Here in the Kaplan office, we are very excited!

The match will be taking place in a city that hosts two of our English Language Colleges, London, and at a venue that our students love and is known throughout the world as the ‘home of football’, Wembley Stadium.

Although the teams are based in England and Spain, many of the players on the pitch will be from different countries around the globe. It really is an international occasion.

Barcelona are slight favourites to win the match due to the fantastic football they play, described by Alex Ferguson as the ‘Catalan Carousel’. Manchester United also have a great team though and are known for their fighting spirit, as displayed in 1999 when they won the trophy with two goals in the final two minutes!

There are many people at our colleges who are crazy about sport and think they can predict this match. We would love to hear from you!

Who do you think will win?

What will the final score be?

Do you love football?

Take a look below to see some players that you may want to keep an eye on:

Lionel Messi – Barcelona and Argentina

Widely known as the best player in the world and one of the greatest players of all time. He can score goals, create goals, amaze the crowd with his skills, and leave the opposition confused and dazed! He is a little genius!

Wayne Rooney – Manchester United and England

The star of the Manchester United team. The England striker combines strength and desire with great skill and habit of scoring spectacular goals. One to watch.

Xavi – Barcelona and Spain

When this man has the ball, it is impossible to get it off him! He plays in the centre of the field and passes the ball beautifully and with incredible accuracy. In the 2009 Champions League Final, Xavi won the “Man of the Match” award.

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