Charity for Fun - How You Can Help Others

There are many ways you can raise funds for a charity or a good cause, and most of those can be fun activities to organize and carry out with friends. So, there are no excuses to be bored watching TV; you can be doing something right now! Invite friends to participate and make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Walk or Run

If you’re into sports, this would be a great opportunity for you to do what you like, while raising money for a good cause. They can be from 5 km long to up to a full marathon, and you could even get into a costume on the day for an amazing experience! Search for local events to join, I’m sure you’ll find one near you.

Last year, students from the 3 Kaplan schools in Boston participated in Project Bread’s annual 20-mile (32 kilometer) Walk for Hunger event.

Run for charity

Cook, bake, sew, paint… 

Do you know how to do one of these things?  Do you think people would be happy to pay for it? If your answers were positive, then you can donate your time and effort and donate the profits from the sale to a charity!

Among your friends there must be others that could do something too. If you make a full event of it; it won’t only be fun, but also a good occasion to network and get to know more people in your community.

Staff at our Edinburgh School hosted a charity bake sale in March for Comic Relief; and students and the local community’s generosity made possible to raise more than £400!

Are you up for a challenge?

There are many charity fundraising initiatives in which you can do something extraordinary without any special talent or ability.

You might end up looking like Salvador Dalí (below) after taking part in Movember, for example. The challenge is to stop shaving – and yes, look a bit funny-  for the whole month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer. Have a look at last year's Kaplan Movember fundraising here.

Or if its biologically impossible for you to grow one of those, you could opt in for being a bit  hungry for a couple of days. You can Live Below the Line and eat and drink on the equivalent of the extreme poverty line for 5 days, while you raise funds for several charities that fight extreme poverty around the world.

Organize a Giving Day!

Set a place and make sure to invite as many people as you can to come round and donate clothes, food or books... the magic of these events is that everyone will take part with a little bit, but all together is enough to make a difference in the lives of those being helped by your selected charity or organisation.

By donating books to the Kapanda Community Day Secondary School in Malawi, our Junior center in Torquay in England helped students continue their education and learn English!

Have you done any charity fundraising? Are you keen to organize some fundraising this year? We'd love to hear about it! Tell us more on the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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