Find the right match: Choosing your University

After picking your subject, it’s best to pick a university that feels right and what you think has the most important values to you.

University can influence your life in so many ways and it’s so important that you spend a lot of time assessing and comparing with other places to see what institution will suit you and only you. It should be a very personal choice!

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose your university, wherever it is in the world!

Step 1 – Know your priorities

Make a list of things that you feel should be important in a University. This can include the city that it’s in – the nightlife, the entertainment etc. it might include the accommodation, the facilities. Are you planning to live from home or campus? Do you want to study in another country?

It should of course be also based on the course breakdown and the quality of teaching and tutors. See how the university caters to your subject choice as well as its academic progress as a whole. Remember, this is the institution where you could spend 3+ years of your life and you should be satisfied with the whole package! You’re allowed to be a little fussy!

Step 2 – Make your Match

Oddly enough, finding your right University can be a lot like internet dating. Once you’ve got your desired qualities of what you want in a University and where you want to live, tap into Google and start looking around. A great site to start would be, a site that houses student reviews and course guides.

Step 3 – A Date with Destiny

If it’s possible, find out when the open days are and start hunting down those prospective universities! Their websites should have all the dates and times you can come in for a visit. You can have campus tours that lets you see the lecture centres, the facilities and the accommodation - a great opportunity to see if you like the feel and atmosphere of the place. Can you imagine yourself studying there?

It also gives you the chance to meet some of the other prospective students who are looking around at the same time as you. You might be partying with them in Fresher’s Week in months to come, who knows? It’s also advisable to start looking around the local area if you have time.

I can’t emphasise the importance of open days if you can get to them in time. You might be surprised of how your decision might take shape! If you can’t make them then ask around – how did people find it? Would they recommend their university, their location, their course?

The whole process might be scary at first, but exciting as well! University can branch into so many unknown opportunities and the possibilities are endless! I wish you luck and hope you make your right choice!

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