Kaplan City Guide: Perth

Sunny days, beautiful beaches, exciting outdoors activities, and a very relaxed vibe make Perth the perfect destination for studying abroad. Ranked as the 4th biggest city in Australia, Perth it’s known for amazing sunsets over clear blue waters and a wealth of attractions, from great restaurants to its many cultural activities.

We asked our students their favorite things to do while studying English in Perth, and here’s what they had to say. Take a look!


Make new international friends

“One of the most beautiful things about Perth is the mixture of all the continents in one city. I love how all the people live together and share opinions and information about the variety of cultures.”

Tip provided by:

Federico Quinche, Colombia

Living abroad can be the perfect opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get to know their cultures. Perth is a very cosmopolitan city, which allows you to make international friends easily. People come from all over to live and visit in this vibrant place, so why not start a conversation with someone new? You never know who you might meet!


friends beach perth
Explore the local beaches with your new friends


Explore some of Perth’s beautiful beaches and parks

My favorite place is Cottesloe beach. Perth has lots of parks where I can listen to the birds singing and do my homework.”

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Mykola Ivanov, Portugal

The beaches and parks in Perth are some of the best places to relax and even practice English with your new friends. Cottesloe is the most popular beach in Western Australia, offering clear waters, memorable sunsets, and cool places for a snack or some fresh seafood. It’s located half way between the Perth central business district in the port of Freemantle, which means it’s just far enough from the city to feel like you are escaping into nature. It’s also one of the city’s favorite beaches for swimming, snorkelling, and surfing.


perth beach
Spend the day at one of Perth's most popular locations

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Discover the boutique shops of Fremantle

 “You should go to Fremantle. There are many restaurants and unique stores.”

Tip provided by:

Hwanhee Lyu, South Korea

Fremantle is a very small town near Perth, which makes it a great place for a day trip. While there, you can  shop at many unique stores stores, try the delicious cuisine from the local restaurants, and even tan at the beach.


Freemantle Perth
Discover the beautiful architecture and boutiques of Freemantle


Find the perfect surf or lookout spot

“You should go to Margaret River. It has breath-taking views of the beach.”

Tip provided by:

Rie Kondo, Japan

Known as the perfect surf destination, Margaret River offers its visitors great surf breaks, turquoise waters, fine restaurants and vineyards, and some of the best (and most romantic) scenic views of the coast. Be sure to spend some time during your stay in Perth exploring this unique place.


Surfer's Point Perth
Experience the amazing views of Surfer's Point at Margaret River


Enjoy a weekend getaway in Sydney

“You must travel to Sydney to see how different Australia can be on the other side of the map. Perth is good, but it’s always better to have an idea of how it is in other cities.”

Tip provided by:

Luciana Teixeira, Brazil

Why not dedicate some time to explore some of the best attractions in Sydney, the most populated city in Australia. Visit the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor National Park, The Rocks, the incredible Bondi Beach, and the best restaurants in town. If you’re going to a few weeks, or months, studying abroad in Australia, it’s definitely worth taking some time to explore other cities that make this country so unique.


sydney harbor perth
See one of the most famous harbors in Australia up close


If you like what you’ve seen in this post, then Perth sure is a great option for your English studies abroad. Learn more about our school in this paradise city.

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