Completely free US learning events with Kaplan International

Kaplan is here to prove that we go further than anyone else to help you meet your English study needs, and what better proof is there than free learning?

You might not have heard, but as well as our prestigious courses, Kaplan International Colleges US schools are hosting completely free English study events throughout the year. If you’re living in the US but English isn’t your first language, here are just some of the great Kaplan study services you can now try out without paying a cent.

Free sample classes: Get back to the classroom for a fun interactive lesson with our experienced teachers. Whatever your English ability, this is a great opportunity to find out how Kaplan’s language courses could teach you essential English skills. Choose between a general taster lesson and sample electives, featuring exciting topics ranging from business and current affairs to idioms and conversation.

Free exam preparation and university placement services: Discover your current English level and how Kaplan could help you beat the challenging GRE, GMAT and TOEFL tests with free exam strategy classes and practice tests. We’ll also give you expert advice on how to find that US University or grad school place of your dreams, plus university vocabulary building sessions to make your interview skills shine.

Free résumé workshops and internship fairs: Put your career on track with Kaplan’s free professional guidance. Find out from specialists and current interns how the right internship could guarantee your future success, then learn how to write the eye-catching resume that will get you the job you’ve been searching for.

Free social events: Learning doesn’t have to be in the classroom! Our lively international student party events and coffee clubs are the perfect place to practice your English with other friendly students.

So now the secrets out! With Kaplan the first step of your US English language journey towards a brighter future is now totally free – hurry down to your nearest school now to beat the rush.

Calling all Kaplan students: Have you got anything to add about how Kaplan has helped you? Leave a comment to let everyone know, we love hearing your stories.

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