Deuce – Word of the Week

Noun: The score in tennis when both players have 40 points

Wimbledon tennis tournament starts today and everyone is looking forward to watching the world’s best players. Expect winning shots from men's champion Novak Djokovic but also some strange words from the officials. Have you ever wondered what it means when an umpire calls out deuce during a game?

An umpire will shout deuce when three points have been scored by each player. Both players will have an equal score of forty but the score is not called "forty-forty". Instead the umpire says the word deuce, which comes from the French phrase à deux le jeu, which means "to both is the game", or both players can win.

This means that a player needs two more consecutive points to win the game. Once deuce has been reached, the player who can win the game on the next point has the advantage. Any other tied scores in the game is also deuce.

deuce tennis
Novak Djokovic won the men's title in 2011. Photo courtesy of Kerim Okten/EPA

Wimbledon is a classic summer event in the British sporting calendar. Traditional tennis fans are famous for watching the sport while eating strawberries and cream.

It is also known to rain during the two-week event, which is why a roof has been built on Centre Court in Wimbledon.

Kaplan students can easily watch their favorite players, as the ground is only a short Underground ride away from our English schools in London Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Russell Square.

If you are going to Wimbledon this year, be sure to share your photos with us on our Facebook page. Let us know who you are supporting and why you want them to win.

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