We all know that Alpadia Language Schools provides excellent language education for students. We also know that Alpadia has schools in exciting destinations across Europe that enable complete language immersion – but what are these destinations? Where are they? Are they really that great? 

Yes, they are! Of course, we think that our schools are fantastic, for many different reasons. But the location of our schools are extra special. 


When your students study French or German with us, they’ll get to choose from a range of schools that not only allow them to immerse themselves in their chosen language, but also allow them to foster a deeper understanding of the language. They’ll get to practice every day with native speakers, learn about the local culture, and be exposed to all the nuances of the language that will grant them fluency. 


In Germany, we have two destinations that your students can choose from:

Berlin: the country’s capital is a vibrant hotspot for culture, business, and history. Your students will have a lot of fun exploring everything the city has to offer. They’ll have the chance to explore famous historical landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag Building, the Holocaust Memorial, and even some intact sections of the famous Berlin Wall. There’s also the thrilling, edgy nightclubs, numerous art galleries, and the delightful Berlin Zoo. 

Freiburg: this eco-city offers a charming blend of history and nature. Your students can visit the iconic Freiburg Minster, a stunning Gothic cathedral that stands tall in the city center. They’ll get to stroll through the cobbled streets of the Altstadt (Old Town) with its picturesque squares and colorful buildings. Then there’s the dazzling Münstermarkt, a bustling market. Nature lovers can explore the nearby Black Forest and Schauinsland mountain for hiking and stunning vistas.  

If your students want to learn French in France, then our Alpadia school in Lyon is the perfect place. 

Lyon: as the gastronomical center of France, you just know that they don’t give that title to any old place. But good food is not the only benefit of studying in Lyon. Your students will be able to discover the historic Old Town, the Vieux Lyon, featuring charming traboules (hidden passageways). They’ll get to marvel at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière's architecture and admire the stunning panoramic views before enjoying idyllic strolls along the Rhône and Saône rivers. 

Finally, for students who want to learn French in Switzerland, then Montreux is the ideal location. 

Montreux: let your students experience scenic beauty and cultural delights while they improve their language skills at our school in Montreux. They’ll get visit the iconic Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva's shores and enjoy the annual Montreux Jazz Festival for world-class music. At the weekend, they can stroll along the lakeside promenade and look up at the breathtaking mountain backdrop in awe.  


The only question now is: which destination will your students choose?

Check out our website for more information about all our schools, our accommodation options, and our courses. We promise this is one adventure your students won’t forget.  Alpadia Language Schools | Language Courses Abroad 

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