Things to do while studying in Freiburg

The city of Freiburg is known for many things: stunning historical architecture, being eco/sustainable-friendly, and of course, being located on the edge of the Black Forest. With so many great attractions and landmarks, it shouldn’t come as a shock that this city is also the perfect place to learn German! When your students study in Freiburg, they’re not just going to school, they’re also having a thrilling, exciting adventure. 

But what can your students do specifically in Freiburg? Here are some of my favorite activities: 

Hike through the Black Forest 

You’ve tried the cake, now explore the place! The iconic mountain range of the Black Forest nestles right along Freiburg and can be easily accessed from the edge of the city – so it would be a shame not to make the most of this stunning and unique location. Your students will feel like they’re stepping into a German fairytale when they embark on a walk through these picturesque woods and meadows and admire the breathtaking views of the mountains and the city. Talk about life-changing! 

If your students fancy hiking somewhere else, there’s also the Markgräfler wine trail, which takes you through the vineyards and villages of the region (and will most likely include a few pitstops along the way). 

City tour 

The city of Freiburg is itself a fascinating day out – your students will have the opportunity to discover all the sights and admire the impressive Gothic architecture of the Cathedral and other beautiful churches. Alongside looking at these buildings in awe, your students will get to learn about the city’s history and how it evolved to become known as ‘The Green City.” Freiburg is the future, let your students be part of this revolution. 

Steinwasen Park 

As if the Black Forest wasn’t exciting enough, it’s also home to Steinwasen Park: a theme park and zoo that has a selection of rides that will get your students’ hearts racing! Speed down the mountain on the bobsled ride or get wet and wild on the rapids – for a break, you can admire the adorable animals all around the park, including rabbits, deer, ferrets, lambs, peacocks, and lynxes!  

This park has everything! 

Relaxing Gardens 

If walking to the forest is too much, then your students can always escape the city at one of the many parks dotted throughout the city. Our favorites include the Japanese Garden in the “Seepark”, which was designed by Yoshinori Tokumoto, a Japanese landscape architect, as a gift to Freiburg from its twin town of Matsuyama. There’s also Lake Park, which has swimming ponds, a lake, a miniature golf course, and then Colombi Park, which has beautifully manicured gardens that feel both calming and luxurious.  

What more could your students ask for? 

Fascinating museums 

For some additional culture and history, Freiburg is home to an array of interesting museums that highlights the city’s story, as well as the history of Germany as a whole. There’s the Augustiner Museum, which is known for its extensive collection of art, ranging from the Middles Ages to the Baroque period. And if that wasn’t spectacular enough, it’s based in a former monastery! Talk about stunning. 

There’s also the Museum fur Stadtgeschichte, which chronicles the history of the city in a picturesque Baroque building, and for something more extravagant, the Archaologisches Museum Colombischlossle is a 19th-century mansion that’s home to a variety of fascinating artefacts from throughout Freiburg’s past. 


These are just some of the attractions and activities that your students can enjoy, but Freiburg really is a great city, full of so many hidden gems that your students will have so much fun discovering. When it comes to learning German in Germany, there are few places better than Freiburg for those who want to study in an authentic and inspiring setting.  

Suggest Freiburg to your students today and give them the language adventure of a lifetime! Find out more here.



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