5 Reasons to study in Santa Barbara

Welcome to Santa Barbara, a coastal haven where sun-kissed beaches meet Spanish architecture and good wine. Known as the "American Riviera," this Californian gem rivals the Mediterranean, with its captivating blend of natural beauty and relaxing ambience, whilst still having its own, unique style. The city invites your students to explore a world beyond the hustle and bustle of everyday life – making it the perfect place for them to improve their English skills at their own pace. 

Join us on a virtual journey as we uncover the enchanting beaches and hidden treasures that make Santa Barbara a true paradise for students wanting to learn English while having a trip to remember. 

  1. Sun, sea, and sand  

You can’t travel to Santa Barbara and not mention the huge range of idyllic sandy beaches that stretch across the coast for miles. Combine this with heat from the Californian sun and you’ve got a recipe for some of the best beach days of your students’ lives! The soft, golden sand makes the perfect sunbed, while the crystal-clear ocean is the ideal playground for an array of water sports. Your students can surf the waves, go paddleboarding, take part in a game of water polo, or simply just go for a relaxing swim. The opportunities are endless – and Kaplan’s social program makes the most of this! 

But which beaches should your students go to? Some of the most popular beaches include Butterfly Beach, Goleta Beach, Leadbetter Beach, and for surfing? Get your students to head down to Rincon – where even if they don’t surf, they can still marvel at the professionals ripping it up. 

  1. Stunning landscapes 

But beaches are not the only stand-out landscapes that Santa Barbara has to offer. In addition to some of the best beaches in the country, the city also has many great hiking trails and mountains that would make any outdoor lover extremely happy. It is home to the Santa Ynez Mountain range, which is one of only two in the world that runs east to west. There’s a variety of trails leading to the range, as well as a variety of remote campsites that inspire peace and tranquillity.  

Other great hiking spots include Inspiration Point (which offers great views), or if your students like a hike that ends with an 80-foot waterfall, then the trail to Nojoqui Falls is perfect! 

  1. Compelling food scene 

When it comes to food in Santa Barbara, the city places huge emphasis on local produce, fresh ingredients and a farm-to-table approach – and the dishes are far from basic! Whether your students want some fresh seafood, innovative dishes from up-and-coming chefs, authentic Mexican food, or just some mouthwatering barbeque – Santa Barbara has something to suit every palette. 

And it’s not just the food that gets people talking! California is known for its many vineyards, so students will have the opportunity to sample some locally made wines and decide which one is their favorite. 

  1. Explore California 

Situated between Los Angeles and Santa Maria, Santa Barbara is conveniently located for easy exploration of other popular Californian locations. For glamor, excitement and Disneyland, there’s LA, a little further down is San Diego, and if your students head north, they’ll arrive at San Francisco, where they can soak up all the culture that cool city offers. Just over the state line, they can also enjoy a wild weekend in Las Vegas! 

If your students need help organizing the best road trip or weekend break, the staff at our Santa Barbara school are always happy to help! 

  1. Immersive learning experience 

Finally, one of the best reasons why studying in Santa Barbara is so great, is that your students will get to study with Kaplan! They’ll benefit from being immersed in the English language, which alongside our outstanding lessons, will help further their language skills. Whether they’re ordering an ice cream at the beach, or interacting with new friends from across the globe, every activity is an opportunity to learn! 


Want to learn more about our fantastic school in Santa Barbara? Check out our website today for your students to start their language adventure with Kaplan. 

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