Edward Capriles - Instagram Winner

We had a chat with Edward Capriles, one of our #kaplanexperience winners on Instagram. Check out his winning photo, taken in Chicago, where he studied with us. Edward is from Venezuela, and you can find his instagram photos on @edwardcapriles.

What’s the story behind your winning photo?

Edward: Well! I have had a winning lot of photos, but I can tell you something each one were so special for me. Because were spontaneous moments. I just was enjoying moments, friends, place, people, weather and the most important "My Kaplan Experience".

What was your favorite #kaplanexperience?

a: I need tell you a secret I have a big pic, It's my favorite but Kaplan never select it as a winner. It is...

But the first one was the best too...

What advice would you give to students starting their Kaplan experience?

You should live your experience BUT in another language = #kaplanexperience. It's important in your professional life but also in your personal life, because you know about others' cultures, story, food, language, friends, etc.

What are you now doing after you finish your Kaplan course?

Actually I'm working, I'm an architect, but now also I'm working to get my master's degree in Europe.

What did you buy with your winnings?

Ohhh! I decided to buy a  "GoPro"camera. I want to take nice pics around the world.

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