Gaining skills with an English course in the USA: Cleverson's story

Cleverson, a 36 year old from Brazil, studied Intensive English in the USA with his wife Caroline. He tells us what he thinks about his 4 months in Kaplan Seattle and why learning English is so important to him. 

Caroline and Cleverson in Seattle

Why did you choose this course? How will it help you in the future?

I chose this course because I needed to improve my English and there is nothing better than being in an English language country. Living the local culture daily contributes to very fast learning. In my country, the English language is highly valued by large companies and this will help me find a good job.

What is the best thing about the teachers and the teaching method?

I think everyone has their own way of learning and teaching, and sometimes those ways are not the same, but Kaplan can see that and direct students and teachers to the best path. For me, the best thing is practicing the 4 skills in the classroom, speaking, listening, writing and reading. We have time to practice all of them in one day. Another point is the portfolio, because this helps us fix the lessons learned last week. This is very important!

I think that speaking is very important to me, because I need to improve more. So when it's time to talk in class I enjoy it a lot. I can try, speak wrong or right and the teacher will help me to correct it.

How can you tell that your English has improved?

When I compare my knowledge of English when I arrived at Kaplan with today, I can feel that my skills improved a lot. Nowadays, I can understand what people say and understand what I read. I feel more confident to talk to people without fear of misunderstanding anything. I am very happy to watch a movie in English and understand everything! This feeling is wonderful!

What do you like most about the school?

Kaplan is very organized and this is important to our learning. I had never attended a school like Kaplan and I am very pleased with the result of my experience. I think Kaplan has qualified teachers who make a difference in our lives.

What do you like most about Seattle?

I just love Seattle. Here I think I have found my place in the world! Seattle is a very nice city with different cultures and options, with educated and friendly people. Seattle is clean and organized with a fantastic infrastructure. I love winter, I love rain, I love all that Seattle offers! I hope one day to return to Seattle.

Caroline and Cleverson in Seattle

What do you think about the social activities organized by the school?

All social activities are important to integrate and stimulate the exchange of knowledge between people. Everyone should participate! I think sports activities, or just meeting for dinner are great for English practice and integration.

What do you like most about your homestay?

Everything was perfect. We were lucky to find a very helpful and friendly family. I really enjoyed our time together over dinner, sharing experiences. It was very important to me and helped me to improve my English. They are not just our hosts but our dear friends.

Would you recommend Kaplan?

Yes I would! Like I said, it's a great school to learn English because everyone can be sure they will learn and develop their skills in English. Kaplan knows how to teach and is ready to help in whatever is needed. Thank you Kaplan for everything!

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