English Learners See a Future in Augmented Reality Architecture

English learners would like jobs as augmented reality architects in the future, according to a new study.

Research by Kaplan International Colleges, a leading provider of English courses for teenagers, revealed that in a survey of more than one thousand English learners, the majority favoured employment as an augmented reality architect in 2020.

Augmented reality architecture can help people visualize building projects. Software applications allow users to view a building's exterior and virtually see through walls to assess the layout of interior objects.

Kaplan discovered that 58% of English learners wanted a job as an augmented reality architect in 2020, while 20% preferred to be an avatar designer and 13% would like to seek future employment as a 3D food-printer engineer.

Maria Lorena Lehman, Founder of Sensing Architecture, said: “I see the future of augmented reality as a bright one. You see, technologies are converging, which means smaller, more mobile, and even more immersive experiences. Also, more types of augmented reality information are increasingly being layered within our real-world 3D environments.

“Because of such factors, there are many applications for augmented reality emerging --- ranging from mobile computing, to healthcare, to the design of architectural spaces. I would expect that in the future, many job opportunities will continue to surface as augmented reality takes on more meaningful applications.”

Kaplan has created “The Future 10 Years From Now” Infographic which predicts life in 2020. The graphic looks at cultural categories such as food, fashion, technology, jobs and travel with interesting and thought-provoking results.

The English language will be understood by 98% of the populations in 70% of the countries in the world in ten years’ time. Kaplan are opening two new English schools for teenagers this summer in Brighton and Edinburgh to help improve the employment prospects of young international students.

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