English Summer for Families!

How great does it feel to start planning a summer holiday? Even just brainstorming about possibilities can take you on a mini-mental vacation. Sometimes, though, planning a family trip can get overwhelming. One big wall that families face is how to make the most out of their vacation while still spending time together.

Here at Kaplan, we have a summer package of courses that offers the right balance between fun, learning and family time.

You might know by now about our general and intensive English courses for adults, in which we provide a full English-learning experience inside and outside of the classroom with destination courses. But, did you know that we also have summer courses for younger people? Students from ages 12 to 18 can study at our UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand schools for 15 or 21 hours per week, in our Junior courses.

With transport service to and from the airport and friendly teachers and social program directors, it’s the perfect opportunity for teens to learn English while meeting new friends, exploring fantastic cities and learning valuable skills.

Students can combine a full summer vacation experience with a comprehensive English language education. Supervised visits to great cities and landmarks, parties, discos, sporting events and even school events like barbecues are led by experienced staff who make sure that everyone has fun (and learns!) in a safe, social environment.

It doesn’t end there though! Both adult and junior students can add English exams such as TOEFL to their courses, depending on their English level. Not only can you have a fun, action-packed vacation, but you can go home with a valuable tool for your future studies and career.

Why not contact us about the summer vacation we can offer your family? Take the Kaplan Summer Family train and start your journey to an unforgettable summer.

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