Even More Difficult Tongue Twisters

Recently, we asked our Kaplan staff to have a try at some of the more complicated English tongue twisters, and it was more difficult than they realized it would be! Now we’re back with round two, giving them one more chance to prove their English skills.

If you are just learning English or interested in studying English abroad, tongue twisters are a great trick for practicing your pronunciation. The more you say a word, the better your pronunciation will be! It’s not going to be easy right away, even native English speakers struggle with these. But the more you practice, the better you get. Have you taken the challenge?


Tongue Twister Challenge – Part 2

Here is our staff’s second attempt at the Tongue Twister Challenge. Take a look and see how they did!


Are you ready to challenge a native English speaker?

Share your video on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the #KaplanTongueTwisters. Here are the tongue twisters seen in the video: 

  • Lessening levels of lead really lures lily pads
  • If Charlie chews shoes, should he choose the shoes he chews?
  • Very weary Vincent’s wincing very whitely while we’re leering
  • Which wristwatches are Irish wristwatches?


Do you have any other tongue twisters you want to hear a native English speaker attempt? Comment below. 

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