Feedback definition for English learners


Noun: Advice on how well or badly you are doing a particular task or job and how you could improve. You get good feedback if you have worked or performed well.

Phil's boss gave him feedback that his blog articles should be more engaging.

Feedback is an important English word for business. It is the process by which we can find out how well our managers feel we are doing. Good feedback should help us understand how we can improve and become better at what we do.

Feedback is often formally organised in large businesses. Employees might have a regular 'one to one' meetings with their manager to discuss performance. It's often interesting how different your feelings and your managers can be!

Feedback can go both ways. A '360' review is one where your manager gives feedback on your performance, and you can give feedback on theirs! This approach is quite popular, but has been criticized. The quality of the feedback can be questioned if both parties know they are getting some feedback in return! It's also hard to give negative feedback on the person who arranges your salary or bonus!

It's important that feedback is constructive. This means that it's designed to bring about a positive change for the business, not just to make the other person feel bad about their performance. Constructive criticism should be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and improve in your chosen field.

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