Feline lonely or homesick? Visit a cat café!

Are you worried about feeling homesick while you are studying abroad, or even missing a pet that you have back at home? Cat cafés are an increasingly popular way to overcome this and have a claw-some time with these loveable cats!

The first cat café opened its doors in Tapei in 1998, and although the concept really bloomed in Japan, other cities have been eager to follow in their popularity and have their own one.

If you miss your family pet or you just need a bit of love and comfort, then you can enjoy the purrfect cup of tea or cake with these friendly cats where cuddles are a must!

We've put together a few cat cafés you're able to visit in the UK.

London - Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

The first cat café of its kind in the UK is located in central London near Liverpool Street Station in trendy Shoreditch. They have a two-storey café with a lot of sofas and space where the cats love playing. Ideal for students studying in one of our London schools!

Edinburgh - Maison de Moggy

This is the first cat café in Scotland, which opened in January 2015. They have 10 cats including a very smart-looking Pierre (he is wearing a tie!) and Coco Carbonelle. They encourage feline love, making customers feel relaxed during their time there. This would be a nice break from studying for our Edinburgh students to visit.

Cat Cafe
Meet Pierre from Maison de Moggy

Nottingham - The Kitty Café

As well as being a café, it’s also a cat rehoming center so that people can adopt the cats if they choose to. The Kitty Café have over 20 cats, with names ranging from Popcorn to Sylvester and Daisy. Each cat even has its own Twitter account! If there are any students studying in our Manchester school and up for a day trip, this cat cafe is worth a visit.

Cat in Kitty Cafe
Cats roam free inside the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham

Others that are opening soon:

Birmingham - With Happy Cat Cafe and Whiskers Cat Cafe racing to open their doors first, visitors will have lots to choose from.

Dublin - for our students studying at our Dublin school, Crazy Cats Café is the ideal way to unwind between classes.

Bath - Minerva’s Moggies is perhaps worth a visit just for the original name! Perfectly located for our students studying in our Bath school.

So while you are studying away from home, whenever you get a bit homesick or you just want a bit of friendly company, visit your closest cat café and relax with these gorgeous cats. I am paw-sitive you will have a great time and feel loved!

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