Filming at our Bath school! Find out what our students have to say!

Hollywood comes knocking on the door of our Bath school!

A blog post by Kaplan students:

"In Bath, to be precise 5 Trim Street, Hollywood came to offer the advanced class the chance of a lifetime: to be stars for two days. Mainly for advertising purposes, an experienced film crew arrived to film Kaplan's English school in Bath and a video showing the students' life in the school and around the city.

Filming in our Bath school           Filming our English school in Bath

Cameras started rolling on Thursday 23th June 2011 and continued until Friday. The movie making process kicked off at the Roman Baths - a really fantastic place which has been preserved, almost untouched for generations. Then, it was on to the Bath Boating Station then a picnic lunch at the Parade Gardens accompanied by cheeky pigeons and a bossy seagull which wanted to get in on the act! An afternoon of Crazy Golf was followed by an end of the day chat and drink at the amusingly named "Pig and Fiddle".

Even though we might not have fancied it at the time, we still had to pretend we were having fun. Like Adma, one of "the cast", who was afraid of boating but made out she was thoroughly enjoying it. Because most of us had been here for a long time it felt quite difficult to act surprised at everything.

Weather conditions also played a lead role in filming because if it was raining, we would have to wait until it was sunny to resume.

Having now tried it and been stars, we realized that there is more to Hollywood life than just fame and fortune. Our 3-minute video took 2 days to film and will need 2 months of post-production. True professionals spend months or maybe even years producing a full-length film but the friendliness of the crew added on unforgettable edge to the whole experience."

Thanks and credits go to to our students who took part in this post and the filming:

    • Daine Bent - AngolaFilming at our English school in Bath
    • Gamzat Khairov - Kazahkstan
    • Adma Vieira – Brazil
    • Ivanilson Santos – Angola
    • Eunyoung Park – South Korea
    • Youngkwun Kim – South Korea
    • Hyosu Kim – South Korea
    • Mariam Aldarweesh - Kuwait
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