Find your dream job abroad when you learn English with Kaplan International

Learning English can be a lot of fun; a chance to travel the world, make new friends and enjoy new cultures. Learning English with Kaplan International could also be the best career decision you ever make.

How would you like to experience surfing in Sydney, New York nights out or life in London? English speaking countries are not only home to top Kaplan schools’ city destinations like these; they’re also some of the World’s largest economies. Imagine the job opportunities that could come flooding in if you spoke their language.

Not only that, but English opens up the rest of the world’s most exciting locations for your dream career too. That’s because English is probably the most widely spoken second language so wherever you go, even if you don’t speak the native language and they don’t speak yours, you can still work together using English.

Once you’ve chosen your dream destination, English is here to help again. As English is the most popular internet language, there are thousands of English resources online to help you find the perfect career, from job ads to interview tips.

So what type of jobs can English help you get? Well any really, but especially in some of the most highly-respected careers available, in the finance, politics, computing and education industries. English is also used for some of the World’s most exciting professions, by the actors in Hollywood Blockbusters and musical artists like Madonna.

If that’s not enough, English could also help you earn more. A survey* found that English speakers in the UK who also speak another language could earn £3000 more per year on average. As a fluent speaker in a foreign language, once you brush up on your English, you could also be cashing in on a higher salary.

Right, so just by learning English with Kaplan International Colleges, you could gain access to jobs with bigger salaries, in well-respected industries, wherever you want in the world? Yes, it’s that simple, don’t miss your chance.

Have you always wanted to work abroad? Has studying English already helped you in your career? Then we want to hear from you, leave a comment to tell us all about it.

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* Follow this link for more details on how the survey found a second language could help you in life

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