Football star David Villa becomes English student

It’s not every day that a world famous, record-breaking, international soccer star learns English with Kaplan. This is exactly what happened recently when David Villa, a professional football player for Melbourne City, decided to join our Melbourne students in the classroom!

David, who has spent his whole career playing in Spain, has made the switch to playing his sport in an English speaking country. To communicate with the supporters and players, and also to adapt to the local culture, learning English was seen as a vital ingredient of success.

With fame comes millions of adoring fans and followers, and so when David shared the news online, over 100,000 people engaged with his social media posts!

Here are his messages on FacebookInstagram and Twitter:



From all the comments received, these are our favorites!

Many fans from different countries are wishing David well with his studies.

“Great player. Good luck from Portugal”

“Good luck from Palestine”

“Come back to Spain. Best of luck”

“Greetings from Peru!”

David also has plenty of admirers!

“I love you David!”

“Simply the best”

“You’re an amazing person!”

Some fans see the value of learning English…

“It’s never too late to learn new things”

“I guess your English will soon be better than my Spanish”

“It’s always good to speak different languages”

…while others are offering to teach him instead of Kaplan!

“I can teach him English”

“I can be your English teacher Dave”

“Come to New York. I will teach you”

Thankfully for us, David has decided to stay with Kaplan and continue his studies, but this time in a new city. The announcement has been made that his new team will be New York City FC.

We look forward to seeing you at our Empire State School!

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