Prepping for the future with intensive English: Francesca's Story

Francesca, a 22 year old from Italy, spent 3 weeks studying intensive English in England to prepare for furthering her education. She shares what her aspirations are, why she chose Bath, and what she thinks of it.

Why did you choose to study intensive English with Kaplan?
I chose this course to improve my English in a real English context, and because I need to get a good IELTS result for my Master's degree.

What is the best thing about the teachers and the teaching method?
I like both teachers that I have; in fact we learn English in many different ways and lessons are always very interactive.

How do K+ Tools, the Kaplan online program, help with your studies?
I've found it very useful for the consolidation of the topics studied in class and I use it quite often.

How does Kaplan study club help you?
It's a great free tool offered by the school to improve your language. In particular, the IELTS club helped me a lot in preparation for my exam and I was able to achieve the result I needed in a short time.

What do you like most about your school?
We are always taken care of by the teachers and all of the staff remember us and our names. Moreover, we have many services included. We can borrow films or books for free.

I like all the social activities, but in particular the "welcome drinks" because it allows all of us to know each other better and to make new friends.

What do you like most about Bath?
I like Bath because it is a very beautiful city. It is not too big and there are a lot of parks, as well as many monuments and historical places.

I chose Bath because my father went here for the same reason, and he recommended me to come here; in fact, Bath is a beautiful city, you can get to know a lot of English people.

How did you find out about Kaplan?
I found out about Kaplan thanks to a friend who went to Boston and San Francisco with Kaplan and she strongly recommended it to me.

What accommodation did you select and why?
I chose to stay in a host family, because I feel strongly that is the best way to complete this experience and fully live an English lifestyle.

I strongly recommend staying with a host family, because it can help tremendously to improve your English outside school.

Has your English improved since you started your course?
My English has improved a lot, in particular now I'm more confident and I can understand much better when someone speaks to me and also my fluency has improved.

How will you use your English skills in the future?
I hope to use my English skills in my future studies and in my future job.

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